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I had intended to write about my needle collection today. But things got hectic over the week and we’re in the middle of moving our workspaces into a different room to create a playroom for the little wolflings. I kind of need more space and time to sort through my needles (they could really use being sorted and stashed properly right now) and write that up. So, I’ve changed my plan and instead write up a short post about the socks I’m designing for Papa Wolf.

Pattern swatch

Pattern swatch

No, that is not the sock Papa Wolf will wear. I’m currently swatching the pattern. I don’t think I could ever get him to wear bright yellow socks, even if I tried.

Bullet journal with pattern notes and swatch

Bullet journal with pattern notes and swatch

I have already transferred part of the pattern notes into my bullet journal after finalizing the main pattern. I really like how the main pattern turned out. It looks interesting and is interesting to knit – which is important to me because both my husband and I have large feet which makes for a lot of time spent knitting on socks. Question: Why do we knitters only ever date people with large feet? I hear many other knitters complaining about that, so it must be kind of a thing for us. Why can’t we meet people with smaller feet that interest us (and can put up with the craziness of a yarn enthusiast 😉 ).

I am currently figuring out the heel flap. I’ve sketched out the pattern and will put a lifeline in the current row of my swatch and the knit away on it. If that looks good I will only have the transition from foot to toe left to figure out and can start knitting the actual sock soon.

Then I have to figure out how to put all of those notes into a pattern others can use. I would really like to put this pattern up on Ravelry for free. It was one of my goals for this year to create a knitting pattern. I wanted to see if I could do it and if it would be fun. If it’s fun I might make more in the future.

Have you designed a knitted garment before? How did it go and did you produce a pattern for others to use? What tools did you use?

I hope that I can show you a bit of the actual sock next time. Next week’s post may come a little late with Easter coming up and Little Wolf’s birthday on Friday. I do hope to get it out on that weekend but weekends tend to be crazy around here with plans flying out of the window faster than you can make them.

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