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Books I Love: a Quick Look at The Yarn Whisperer

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yarn whisperer review - No, that's not the correct book. I don't have a physical copy of it but at least this one is also by Clara Parkes (Knitter's Book of Yarn)

Many of us knitters like to read. There are tons of knitting pattern and instruction books out there. Books teaching you a specific method or teaching you about tools of the trade. Stitch bibles with exciting stitch patterns to incorporate into your own design. But there are also books that are about knitting and knitters. The Yarn Whisperer – My… Read more »

Mistakes I Still Make After 10 Years of Knitting

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knitting mistakes - just some yarn

We all know them. We’ve all been guilty of at least some of them in the past or even still in the present. Although we may not always admit to them. Sometimes we get away with them. But more often we don’t. You all know what I’m talking about: Knitting mistakes. These mistakes though are not dropped stitches and miss-crossed… Read more »

How to Knit Faster and Get More Done

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I am sure you’ve been on a tight knitting deadline and wondered if you could still finish on time without forgoing sleep. Or you found yourself wondering why it takes you a month to complete a pair of socks when others need a week or less. Or even watched other, faster knitters and wished you could knit like that (unless you… Read more »

How to Get the Most out of Your Stash

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A small part of some of my oldest stash yarn

The stash, our treasure. Almost all crafters have one, not just fiber enthusiasts. But what is a stash? What can it do for us? And how could we get more out of it? As I am organizing mine, I started thinking about this and tried to figure out what others have said about this subject before. There is a lot on… Read more »

How to Know If You Are a Process vs Product Knitter

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process vs product knitter - which are you?

So you are a knitter. And you’ve always heard of those two types: Process vs product knitters. But which type are you? Do you even fall into one of those categories or can you be both? Can your type change over time? Why should you care which category you fall into? I recently came across the subject of process vs… Read more »

How to Avoid Problems With Your Vacation Knitting

This was the view from the lawn behind our apartment - beautiful Baltic Sea

Are you planning a nice summer getaway? Maybe a little trip to a beach or a lake? And of course you are planning on knitting there but you don’t really know what would make a good vacation knitting project? Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a project (or two or three) and some patterns for… Read more »

How to Avoid Problems with Your Travel Knitting

While traveling you likely won't have much space, so your project should be sized accordingly

So, you are going on vacation and you want to take some travel knitting? But you don’t know what to take? Or what you should consider when choosing a project? In this first part of my two part series on vacationing as a knitter, I’ll tell you about what you may have to think about and add a little bit… Read more »

Why it’s great to have a knitter in your family

It's great to know a knitter well, you'll get presents!

This is for you close friends and family members of knitters. You may find knitting dorky. You may be annoyed that the knitter is always knitting. Even when you are going out to eat, to watch a movie or at a party. You may dismay over the mountains of yarn and knitting accessories everywhere. But truly having a knitter close… Read more »

9 reasons why you should be a knitter

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9 reasons why you should be a knitter: #1 It's relaxing and healthy!

Do you know someone who is considering learning how to knit but who hasn’t taken the plunge? Someone, who you would like to introduce to this wonderful past time that is so much more than a mere hobby? Someone, who is wondering what’s so great about being a knitter? But you just can’t find the right words, the reasons that… Read more »