Affiliate Disclosure

Some posts and pages here will contain affiliate links. These are links to shops that – at no extra cost to you – will pay me a small commission should you decide to purchase after following that link. I mark these links with this symbol: (*). That symbol will be a link itself and lead you to a local affiliate disclaimer on whatever post or page you currently are. 

You are under absolutely no obligation to use any of these links. I am not trying to get rich – not that that is possible with just a few affiliate links here and there. I am however trying to make this blog pay for itself.

I will never link to products I don’t believe in. If I offer an affiliate link, then I genuinely think you might enjoy the product or that it might be helpful to you. And the content of this blog will never be influenced by the commissions I receive. I will always write only about what I think might interest you. And I will always give you my honest opinion about anything and everything I review or link to.

At the moment I’m an affiliate of Amazon (com,, de), LoveKnitting, Etsy, Craftsy, and Dawanda.