How to Wash Wool Without Dreading the Outcome

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wash wool - A bath for my cardigan. I'm using a laundry basket that I placed in my bath tub. I am only washing that one cardigan because this is the first time I'm washing it and it might release some excess dye. And because I don't have enough room to dry more than this one piece.

We love our hand knits and wear them often. And maybe we are even lucky and have loved ones around us that also like to wear what we knit just for them. With all that use sooner or later, we will have to wash an item. And we should wash every piece after we’re done knitting, to relax the yarn,… Read more »

Gift Guide: 11 Amazing Knitting Books for All Skill Levels

gift guide -amazing knitting books_teaser

Gift giving season is coming fast again. It might seem hard (for non-knitters) to think of a fitting present for your favorite knitter. Tastes vary, and there are so many yarns and accessories to choose from that it’s somewhat overwhelming. One thing that is almost always welcome however is a good book. And there are plenty of awesome knitting books… Read more »

How to Read Charts – It’s Easier Than You Think

How to read charts - my current project Joji Locatelli's Citadel

Charts. To many of us, they seem complex and difficult. Like a secret language or a code, you have to crack. A scientific formula, even. But they can actually make your knitting life easier and aren’t as scary as you may think. They can help you to learn how to read your knitting and can make it easier to memorize… Read more »

Second Sock Syndrome – What It Is and How to Fight It

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Second Sock Syndrome - stockphoto of sock project

If you’re a sock knitter you’ve undoubtedly heard of it before: SSS or Second Sock Syndrome. Another affliction plaguing many knitters. But what can you do if you have it? Which strategies can you attempt to cope with it and which ones have the best chances of working for you? What is the Second Sock Syndrome? SSS usually refers to… Read more »

10 Lovely and Easy Hats for You to Knit

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Lovely and easy hats - Persian Windows by Sarah Schira

It may not feel like it yet, but Fall is coming. It’s a busy season for us knitters: in fall we put out item after item to keep our loved ones and ourselves warm. That does not only hold true for veteran knitters but also for the newbies among us. There are plenty of small accessories that you can practice your… Read more »

How to Make Knitting Through the Summer Heat Painless

knitting through the summer heat - Can anyone guess what this pile of yarn is supposed to turn into? A bigger project but lightweight and hopefully the heat wave will end before it gets too uncomfortable

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling like a roast in the oven. A heat wave has come to stay over Germany (and pretty much the entire northern hemisphere). With temperatures over 34°C (93.2°F), no air conditioning (typical for German homes) and us living right under the roof and with 30°C in our flat even at night – I’m… Read more »

About My Love of Knitting and What It Means to Me

Today is my birthday. Another year has come and gone. Little Wolf is five now, and Tiny Wolf is not so tiny anymore and just turned three. This year was also my 10th wedding anniversary – which also means that in fall it will be 11 years since knitting has re-entered my life. And so I find myself thinking about… Read more »

How to Get Stuff Done – Time Management and Planning for Knitters

time management and project planning for knitters

A while ago I received a question about how one could better divide their time between multiple knitting projects. I replied with a few quick ideas and tips, but I thought it would make an excellent subject for the blog. So I did some more research. And apparently, there isn’t that much find on the subject of time management and… Read more »

Aerial Lines – Free Sock Pattern for Beautiful, Colorful Yarns

Aerial Lines - new free sock pattern by Nadja of

Aerial Lines sock pattern is my second pattern so far. As I’ve said before, I enjoy making up my own designs and want to do more of it! But this one didn’t come from a conscious decision of “I want to design a sock pattern.” It kind of just happened. I’ve been slowly working on cataloging my stash over the… Read more »