Recommended Dyers from All over the Internet

Do you want me to enable your stash enhancement? Sure can do! Here I will list all kinds of dyers from all over the internet. All of these will have yarn I would buy (or have bought from in the past) and want to share with you. Because what we knitters love is to share what we enjoy with others. Sometimes even if it means that they will buy the last hank of that colorway you really wanted to have for yourself.

I will be adding to this list bit by bit, and if you are a regular visitor to my corner of the internet, you will likely already know some of the shops here. This page does contain some affiliate links (marked by (*)). That means if you follow them and choose to make a purchase then at no additional cost to you will I get a small percentage as payment for my services. I will only ever link to products I am convinced of and that I would buy or have bought myself. For more information on this, you can read this page.

If there is a yarn shop you really love and want me to look at it, or you are a dyer and want me to cover your work, please drop me a line.

Dyeabolical Yarns (*) by Rachel (Etsy Shop)

This Etsy shop is located in the US. Rachel sells some notions and needles as well as yarn. But what I really love about this shop is her color sense. I love the colors she puts together and how her yarns turn out. Also, she doesn’t offer really beautiful semi-solids. Some of her variegated colorways are available as a striped colorway as well, and you can have all of them on multiple different yarn bases from fingering weight to Aran weight.

Geektastic Fibers (*) by Amanda (Etsy Shop)

I also have this fantastic German dyer I really wanted to share with you. I love the name of her shop, being a proud geek myself. I love her colorways, and I love her ideas for colorways! Her inspirations. I’ve been watching her shop for a while for that very reason. Are you a geek and into comic books and Marvel hero movies? Go check out her shop (*). She has numerous colorways inspired by many things we geeks might love. And now she also offers a Women of Marvel yarn club (*)!

Papiput Yarn (*) by Amelia Putri (Etsy shop)

Here I have something special: Hand dyed yarn from Indonesia. The colorways are stunning. She offers lace weight, fingering weight and worsted/aran weight.

Recommended dyers - Papiput Yarn's Silky Merino Lace Yarn, colorway

Papiput Yarn’s Silky Merino Lace Yarn, colorway “Burpees”(*)

Her lace yarn is beautifully shiny and made up 50% merino and 50% silk with 700 m per hank. She has solids, semi-solids, and variegated colorways.

recommended dyers - Papiput Yarn's Hand Dyed Tough Sock Yarn, colorway

Papiput Yarn’s Hand Dyed Tough Sock Yarn, colorway “Little Missy” (*)

Her fingering weight yarn is a classic and very soft looking sock yarn with 400m per hank. Again that sock yarn is available in solids, semi-solids, and variegated colorways.

Recommended dyers - Papiput Yarn's Hand Dyed Sock Yarn, colorway

Papiput Yarn’s Hand Dyed Sock Yarn, colorway “Sunset at Kuta” (*)

She has two different worsted/aran weight yarns. There is the shiny Silky Merino Aran 50% merino/50% silk at 170m. And there is Tough Worsted Yarn which is an 80% merino and 20% nylon yarn with 200 m per hank. Both are available in a couple of luscious solid or semi-solid colorways in her shop.

Recommended dyers - Papiput Yarn's Silky Merino Aran, colorway

Papiput Yarn’s Silky Merino Aran, colorway “Anjani” (*)

 Unicorn Yarn Co. by Katie

This talented lady is a reader of this blog. I found her shop because she commented on a blog post. And after perusing her site, I just had to order something. What can I say, pictures of pretty yarn make me want to buy said pretty yarn. Can’t even blame it on wool fumes.

recommended dyers - Roses, a colorway of Springtime in Paris (image ©Unicorn Yarn Co.)

Roses, a colorway of Springtime in Paris (image ©Unicorn Yarn Co.)

Her shop is based in the US, and it took quite a while to reach me. But when it did, it was worth the wait. I am especially a fan of her Diva Sock yarn. It’s so soft with just a little bit of sparkle and so beautiful. She has lace, fingering, DK, worsted and bulky weight yarn in her shop and her limited edition Springtime in Paris collection is still available. I interviewed her a while back about her limited edition and being a dyer in general.

recommended dyers - Sky, a colorway of Springtime in Paris (image ©Unicorn Yarn Co.)

Sky, a colorway of Springtime in Paris (image ©Unicorn Yarn Co.)

 Wollelfe (*) Etsy Shop by Katrin

Most of the time the gradient cakes I find seem to acrylic or cotton. I much prefer to knit with animal fibers, however. So this Etsy shop was a great find for me! On top of that, it’s made in Austria so shipping would be cheap hassle-free for me (no import taxes and I don’t have to go to the customs office either, yay!). And she has some beautiful spring and summer colorways I’d love to knit with right now!

Things I loved in March - Cantaloupe gradient yarn by Wollelfe

Cantaloupe (*) gradient yarn by Wollelfe

You can get these cakes with the gradient going over 400, 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 m. I especially liked Cantaloupe (*) (seen above) and Coral Reef (*) (below) but she has so many more amazing colorways.

Since Little Wolf’s 5th birthday is coming up in just a few days (8 to be exact), I have to hold off for now. My money is going towards presents and a kids birthday party. But maybe I can get some for my birthday in summer!

 Woolly Mama Yarn (*) by Kassy Simmonds (Etsy Shop)

I had been stalking that Etsy shop (*) for a while before finally deciding to order some yarn. She has fingering weight and DK weight in beautiful colors, and among the fingering weight, there is even some sparkly sock yarn and some single ply yarn which is just great for shawls.

recommended dyers - Woolly Mama Yarns 4 Ply Yarn Fingering, Merino & Nylon Sock Yarn, colorway

Woolly Mama Yarns 4 Ply Yarn Fingering, Merino & Nylon Sock Yarn, colorway “Best May Day” (*)

The yarn is soft and looks even better in real life than on the screen. She lives in the UK which is (as of now still) a part of the EU, and therefore I don’t have to worry about import taxes, which is a plus. And delivery is pretty quick. Go check out her shop; it’s worth it!

recommended dyers - Woolly Mama Yarns Single Ply Yarn, 100% Merino, colorway

Woolly Mama Yarns Single Ply Yarn, 100% Merino, colorway “Aloha” (*)

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