13 Great Things I Loved in February

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Oh, my lucky number 13! Another month is over, and once again I’ve picked out a few things – mostly knitting related – that I enjoyed or loved in February to share with you. So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Knitting Blogs and Websites

1 – Why Vegan Yarn? On the Baa Baa Brighouse blog

Baa Baa Brighthouse will soon offer a few vegan alternatives to woolen yarns. While I prefer animal fibers, I know there are quite a few people out there who rather knit with other fibers be it for ethical reasons, health issues or preference. I did very much enjoy reading this article on the Baa Baa Brighouse blog and reading about their views on the whole ethical issue surrounding the vegan or non-vegan yarn issue.

2 – How to Dye Yarn at Home with Minimal Mess

Julie over at Knitted Bliss linked to this DIY article on how to dye yarn at home with minimal mess. I have wanted to try dying yarn myself for years. Just for personal use and to try it out. I like learning new things especially when they are already related to something I love doing (knitting and yarn in this case). I really want to try doing this later this year. The wolflings love painting and decorating food with colors (cookies and cakes only, so far), so this may even be something to do with them. Just scratch the “minimal mess” part then…

3 – Nephele Sweater: Why Row Gauge Matters by Julie @ Knitted Bliss

Yes, this I also read over on Knitted Bliss. What can I say, I love her blog! This post especially was a wonderful tale of an experienced knitter’s knitting fail – that still turned out well. Goes to show, even if you’ve been knitting for a while and have designed multiple patterns, that doesn’t save you from knitting mishaps and getting gauge wrong.

things I loved - Yarn bombing

Yarn bombing

4 – Yarn Bombing 101: Bringing the Yarn World Together for Good Causes by Toby Kuhnke @ AllFreeKnitting.com

This is a really informative article on what yarn bombing is, how to do it legally and possible ethical or environmental pitfalls. So, if you ever wanted to know more about yarn bombing, go here!

5 – Patty’s Purls of Wisdom: January 2018 Print Email By Patty Lyons

Another article that came out in January but since I read it in February it counts. This is a regular section on the Twist Collective blog with various knitting questions answered. This time she offered a different take on gauge swatches and a little bit on when to knit a sweater for your loved one(s). What I liked about the gauge swatches is that she’s doing it differently than I do and different than what I typically read as advice online.

So if you are having trouble with gauge swatches and I couldn’t help, maybe head on over to this article and try out her method. Every knitter is different and though there are things generally named under best practices that still doesn’t mean that it’s suitable for every knitter out there. Always find and do what works best for you! And if you try her method, let me know how it worked out for you!


6 – Knit Your Own Baby Scale Mail Dragon (*) (pattern for sale) by Crafty Mutt

It’s no secret that I love dragons. They are my favorite fantasy creatures (closely followed by Displacer Beasts, hands up if you know what that is). I came across this quite by accident. And it’s easily the cutest knitted thing I’ve ever seen! Must own pattern. Must knit dozens of these.

The only reason I’ve hesitated buying the pattern is that I really need to finish some time-sensitive knitting that’s taking me a lot longer than it should. Had I already purchased the pattern, I would be knitting dragons now. I know myself too well. Can’t resist temptation at all.

things I loved - most adorable knitted dragon ever

Most adorable knitted dragon ever (screenshot of CraftyMutt’s Etsy shop)

7 – Papiput Yarn (*) by Amelia Putri

Here I have something special: Hand dyed yarn from Indonesia. The colorways are just stunningly beautiful. Her shop is on my to-buy list, should I have a bit of money to splurge and indulge myself. Go check it out, you won’t regret it! Unless you are currently low on funds, that is…

8 – Celestial Navigation Collection by Slipped Stitch Studios

I found this through an ad on Ravelry. I love the design and the many different bag and pouch styles they offer. Unfortunately for me – but not for many of you lovely people out there – the shop’s located in California. I hate having to deal with customs. I’m still waiting for a package that arrived in Frankfurt, Germany a month ago and is most likely stuck in customs right now…

9 – Frostpfoetchen Project Bags (*) by Solveig (Etsy Shop)

While we are at it with the project bags, this shop also has some lovely ones. I love some of the fabrics she’s used and the style of the bags is cute. On top of that, the shop is located in Germany! No import taxes for me, woohoo! I’ll order a bag from her soon and will show it to you all in detail when I have it.

Blogging and Such

10 – My Struggle with Inadequacy and Supporting Other Women’s Success @ The Every Girl

I think I also got to this article through a blog post of Julie’s (see above, I can only repeat myself, I love her blog). But I forgot to save the link to her post this time around.

This is not knitting related but powerful and real. It’s about one woman admitting to her feelings of inadequacy and that she often compares herself to others in her niche – instead of simply acknowledging their success and being happy for them without wondering when she will ever get where they are, if she will ever get there and what she’s doing wrong. It’s about letting other’s successes inspire you instead of drowning yourself in negative self-talk.

I really loved this article. It may be a bit long but was well worth reading it.

11 – 44 Quick Tips to Becoming the Most Productive Person You Know @ Think Creative Collective

Again this came out in January, but I read it in February. There are some tips you can find everywhere but also some that I hadn’t read anywhere else yet. Like drinking enough. Meditating, exercising or starting a caffeine curfew. On top of that, she linked to a really cool ambient noise generator where you can even listen to Yuri on Ice white noise. Or Luke’s Diner. Or even more mainstream things like nighttime in Winterfell or Elsa’s castle. How cool is that?

things I loved - My workspace with my current nemesis. I've knit on this thing much longer than I should, I keep messing up parts of it.

My workspace with my current nemesis. I’ve been knitting this thing much longer than I should have, I keep messing up parts of it.


12 – Peter Hollens – Bohemian Rhapsody Goes to the Movies

I’ve loved Peter Hollens’ music for a big long while. His videos were the only things that allowed me to brush Little Wolf’s teeth when he was still a baby. He thought them so fascinating. Even though Little Wolf’s interests in his channel have waned, I never stopped listening. Good music is good music after all. And this video is an absolute geek fest. It’s not just Bohemian Rhapsody performed by an amazing a capella artist. The video is nothing but one movie reference after the next, many from my childhood or at least earlier years. This just makes my geek heart melt.

13 – Caleb Hyles – She Used to be Mine (Cover)

Another song performed by an amazing artist. Caleb Hyles has a wonderful voice and covers a lot of geeky music (not just the Frozen soundtrack but also History Maker from Yuri on Ice and songs of my absolute favorite movie ever Nightmare Before Christmas). This one isn’t geeky. It’s just a really wonderful song (I don’t know the original; apparently it’s from a musical and many singers on Youtube are covering it), and Caleb Hyles gives it his all – as he usually does – with an amazingly powerful and emotional performance.

What was your favorite link on this list? What blogs do you like to read, what websites do you go to regularly? Do you have a blog or article you want me to look at and maybe share with the readers here? Please let me know in the comments below.

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