8 Beautiful & Fun Things I Loved in March

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Another month is over. And again it’s time for another round-up of things I loved last month. So let’s jump right into it.

Things I loved in March - Baubles by Andrea Mowry

Baubles by Andrea Mowry

1 – 10 Light and Airy Patterns to Knit this Spring by Susanne @ Wooly Ventures

Susanne put together a beautiful collection of feminine spring knits here. It came out while it was still freezing and grey here, so I loved the distraction of the then current weather and the reminder that it spring should be here really soon. Spring did finally arrive last weekend (just in time for Easter, so the wolflings didn’t have to freeze while looking for the what the Easter Bunny left behind) and now it’s itching in my fingers to cast on for Kinton or Baubles. If only I weren’t still knitting on a great big white blanket.

Things I loved in March - Kinton by Jennifer Kelley

Kinton by Jennifer Kelley

2 – This Image

I just absolutely love this. I haven’t cross stitched in well over 25 years. (You really start feeling old, when you can say things like that about yourself, don’t you?) But this is tempting. And it made my day.

3 – New Knitty

Things I loved in March - Escape Reality by Lisa K. Ross

Escape Reality by Lisa K. Ross

I really love the sock patterns in this issue, especially Escape Reality. And Charmayne would be really stunning in a spring colored gradient and some contrasting beads. Can you tell I’m craving color right now?

Charmayne by Emily Wood

4 – New Twist Collective

And yes the new issue of Twist Collective also came out last month. I liked this one even better than the Knitty. It doesn’t just have a ton of gorgeous patterns – I’ve shown you some of them before. And if you haven’t seen the rest of them yet, go check them out right now. I’ll wait for you.

Things I loved in March - Ninfa by Carolyn Macpherson

Ninfa by Carolyn Macpherson

There are also quite a few fun articles to read this time. Like these: Why Do We Knit?, Considering Crochet: or, Garter Stitch Is My Therapy or Unfinished Business.

5 – Wollelfe (*) Etsy Shop by Katrin

Most of the time the gradient cakes I find seem to acrylic or cotton. I much prefer to knit with animal fibers, however. So this Etsy shop was a great find for me! On top of that, it’s made in Austria so shipping would be cheap hassle-free for me (no import taxes and I don’t have to go to the customs office either, yay!). And she has some beautiful spring and summer colorways I’d love to knit with right now!

Things I loved in March - Cantaloupe gradient yarn by Wollelfe

Cantaloupe (*) gradient yarn by Wollelfe

You can get these cakes with the gradient going over 400, 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 m. I especially liked Cantaloupe (*) (seen above) and Coral Reef (*) (below) but she has so many more amazing colorways.

Since Little Wolf’s 5th birthday is coming up in just a few days (8 to be exact), I have to hold off for now. My money is going towards presents and a kids birthday party. But maybe I can get some for my birthday in summer!

Things I loved in March - Coral Reef gradient yarn by Wollelfe

Coral Reef (*) gradient yarn by Wollelfe

6 – Dyeabolical Yarns (*) Etsy Shop by Rachel

Things I loved in March - Blanche by Dyeabolical Yarns

Blanche (*) by Dyeabolical Yarns

This Etsy shop is located in the US. Rachel sells some notions and needles as well as yarn. But what I really love about this shop is her color sense. I love the colors she puts together and how her yarns turn out. Also, she doesn’t just offer really beautiful semi-solids. Some of her variegated colorways are available as a striped colorway as well, and you can have all of them on multiple different yarn bases from fingering weight to Aran weight.

Things I loved in March - Rose by Dyeabolical Yarns

Rose (*) by Dyeabolical Yarns

7 – Geektastic Fibers (*) Etsy Shop by Amanda

Things I loved in March - Fairy Queen by Geektastic Fibers

Fairy Queen (*) by Geektastic Fibers

I also have this fantastic German dyer I really wanted to share with you. I love the name of her shop, being a proud geek myself. I love her colorways, and I love her ideas for colorways! Her inspirations. I’ve been watching her shop for a while for that very reason. Are you a geek and into comic books and Marvel hero movies? Go check out her shop (*). She has numerous colorways inspired by many things we geeks might love. And now she also offers a Women of Marvel yarn club (*)!

Things I loved in March - Women of Wakanda by Geektastic Fibers

Women of Wakanda (*) by Geektastic Fibers

8 – Spread Speed Reading Extension for Chrome

So this isn’t yarn related at all. But it’s a time saver for me. I often have trouble concentration when reading articles on my computer. I can read fine on my Kindle or even my cell phone but with screens bigger than that which aren’t meant for reading primarily, I just can’t focus.

Now enter Spread. Spread is actually supposed to help you speed read. And it does work. But I would have to be well rested and not running on fumes and determination mostly to be able to speed read. But if I turn down the speed just a bit, it helps me to read an entire article without losing focus in a short time. With this, I might finally be able to catch up on all the blogs I follow!

Which was your favorite item on this list? What did you love most in March? And is it finally getting warmer where you are, too? Please let me know in the comments below.

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This month I share with you some patterns and new publications, a nice chrome extension and yarn, more yarn and even more yarn! Click and find out which things I loved in March - I hope you'll find something you'll love as well!

This month I share with you some patterns and new publications, a nice chrome extension and yarn, more yarn and even more yarn! Click and find out which things I loved in March - I hope you'll find something you'll love as well!

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