8 Great Things I Loved in January

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Is it just me or was January over in a flash? I didn’t get to read as many blogs as I would have liked. I didn’t manage to finish everything I wanted to by the end of the month. But it was still a great month, filled with things I loved. Fun experiences, great blog posts, new acquisitions.

In this new series on Sheep Among Wolves, I want to share these things with you. Every month, I’ll show you what I read or saw that I loved or found interesting, any new knitting related things in my life – and also things that aren’t knitting related but were important to me in the previous month.

1 – The Ultimate Sock Knitting Bucket List by Wooly Ventures

Okay, so this post is older but I read it this January, and that makes it count. Besides she’s linking some fantastic socks in that blog post. And I am always all for enabling sock knitting. I have vast amounts of amazing sock yarn to use up, anyway.

This is a list of socks to knit in spring. Spring is not that far off, and at least over here, it tends to be cool, rainy and windy. So a perfect opportunity to wear knit socks. My favorite socks on this list are Talia by Rachel Coopey, Mystery Socks ’09 by Kirsten Kapur and Slippery Slope Socks by General Hogbuffer. In fact, ever since I saw them my fingers have been itching to cast on for Slippery Slope. I have some Schoppel Zauberbälle lying around and even have some solids to pair it up with. Alas, I have a lot of time-sensitive knitting to do right now, so I’ll have to wait. They’ll be my treat to myself for when I’m done with that.

Things I loved: Slippery Slope Socks by General Hogbuffer. I must knit these!

Slippery Slope Socks by General Hogbuffer. I must knit these!

2 – 2018 Bucket List of Must Knits by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I’ve been following this blog for a while now. I just find a comfortable place to hang out, and I enjoy the way she writes. This is another bucket list post, but I like the designs she picked. Both Weekender and the Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry (a different Andrea) are also on my short list of things I’d like to knit.

If you like her blog and haven’t seen it yet, read this: She’ll start selling her own hand-dyed yarn, soon! Can’t wait to see it, actually.

3 – My Favorite Knitting Blogs of 2018 by Sacia @ A Purl Stitch

Do you need any more blogs to read? Then this is just the post for you! This is a list of 10 knitting blogs, some of which I already knew and read. Others were completely new to me and seem like something check out.

4 – Community – We Are All Better Together. by Nadia @ Cottage Notebook

I absolutely loved this blog post. It just resonated deeply with me. And not just because we happen to share a name (though, we spell it differently). I am a (still) new blogger myself and I know just what she means about the fear. When you are someone not naturally inclined to presenting yourself in front of an audience (like me, I’m both shy and an introvert), blogging can be tough. You tend to overthink and worry about everything. It’s easier when you are not alone when there are others along the way cheering you on and supporting you and you support others in turn. Everything is easier when you are not alone.

5 – Sweater Curse: Folklore or Fact? by Kathryn Abrams @ AllFreeKnitting.com

A closer and very interesting look at the dreaded Sweater Curse. I haven’t knit anything for Papa Wolf before we got married but that wasn’t because I was afraid of The Curse (it’s kind of asking for capital letters, isn’t it?). I only picked up knitting again around half a year before we got married. I don’t think it would have mattered much, really. We had already been together for 9 years at that point, I doubt a sweater would have changed that.

Since getting married I have knit countless pairs of socks for his large feet – he is exceptionally talented at wearing through socks in no time at all, so he practically always needs some. And I’ve knit two sweaters. The first of which had some definite problems – especially since I didn’t understand how to sew fitted sleeves to an armhole at that time. The result was, let’s say “interesting.” He still wore the thing a few times, and the shoulders did look better when worn. The second sweater turned out beautiful but has been patiently waiting for me to fix a small hole. For years now. I think Little Wolf was a baby when I first learned of the hole (he’ll be five in April).

I’m curious, though. Are there any reports of handknit sweater breaking up marriages? What happens if the knitting party in the non-married relationship is male? Does that relationship still break apart?

Things I loved: My Woolly Mama Yarn stash enhancement. Isn't it just gorgeous?

My Woolly Mama Yarn stash enhancement. Isn’t it just gorgeous?

6 – Woolly Mama Yarn (*) by Kassy Simmonds

I had been stalking that Etsy shop (*) for a while and finally decided to order some yarn. She has Fingering Weight and DK weight in beautiful colors, and there is even some spinning fiber. If I could use my spinning wheel without having to worry about the wolflings messing with it, I’d be so tempted. But no, no spinning for me until those wild beasts listen to what I say (that’ll probably be around the time they move out).

The yarn is soft and looks even better in real life than on the screen. I also got some added candy (makes the wolflings happy) and a 10% off coupon code for my next order. Not that I would need that as an excuse to buy more yarn…

She lives in the UK which is (as of now still) a part of the EU, and therefore I don’t have to worry about import taxes, which is a plus. And delivery is pretty quick. Go check out her shop; it’s worth it!

7 – Unicorn Yarn Co. by Katie

This talented lady is a reader of this blog. I found her shop because she commented on a blog post. And after perusing her site, I just had to order something. What can I say, pictures of pretty yarn make me want to buy said pretty yarn. Can’t even blame it on wool fumes.

Go check out her shop; she has a sale going on right now to make room for her new limited edition line. Actually, you’ll be hearing more from her and about that limited edition on this blog in the near future. So stay tuned!

Her shop is based in the US, and so the yarn I ordered isn’t here yet. It can take a very long time for packages to arrive if they have to go through customs. But for all you American knitters out there that shouldn’t be a problem.

8 – Blogging for Introverts: How to Overcome the Fears of Blogging by Judy @ HEYJUDESS

This has nothing to do with knitting, but with blogging in general. I came upon this post recently (found it on Pinterest, as you do these days) and was intrigued. It of a similar subject than number 4 (Community – We Are All Better Together) but gives some actual hands-on advice.

This article may be labeled “Blogging for Introverts,” but I find it universally useful. Everyone can suffer from fears when you have to put yourself out there. Fears you may not even know you have but are still influencing you and your actions. Fears that may hold you back without you noticing it. Judy lists what kind of fears are most common and how they might show themselves. And what you can do about them.

What have you read or seen online that you loved in January? Had you read any of these articles above already? Did you already know Woolly Mama Yarn or Unicorn Yarn Co. and what do you think of them? Please let me know in the comments below.

Next week, I’ll do a little review of a knitting related book I just listened to and that I enjoyed: The Yarn Whisperer (*) by Clara Parkes. So come back again next Friday to find out more!

Affiliate disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links (links marked by (*)). That means that at no extra cost to you I will receive a small compensation should you choose to purchase after clicking on such a link. Please, read this for more details.

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In this new monthly segment, I'll share mostly knitting related things with you that I came across the previous month and I found so exciting or loved so much I had to share it with you folks. Here you'll find patterns, yarn, other blogs and lots of other things. Click and find out which things I loved in January!

In this new monthly segment, I'll share mostly knitting related things with you that I came across the previous month and I found so exciting or loved so much I had to share it with you folks. Here you'll find patterns, yarn, other blogs and lots of other things. Click and find out which things I loved in January!

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