Hello world, this is my knitting blog

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Welcome to my little corner of the internet which just so happens to be another knitting blog. And every now and then non-knitting related things will likely also find their way into this blog.

I’ve loved knitting ever since I came back to it in late 2007 (I used to knit a little as a kid). At first, I just wanted to have a pair gloves that would actually fit my huge hands. But then I enjoyed it so much it stuck with me. I knit a pair of gloves (very simple), a cowl (again very simple) and a pair of socks (not as simple back then but it worked). All of those items are long gone now. In early 2008 I actually knit myself a lacy wedding shawl. It turned out wonderfully and I still wear it every fall and winter instead of a scarf.

I’ve knit tons of socks now, quite a few gloves and shawls and scarfs, hats and the like. Even a few sweaters. My husband (aka Papa Wolf) always loves my knits, although I suppose he is now required to do so. And he goes through the socks like nothing…

And with the arrival of our son (Little Wolf, almost 4) and our daughter (Tiny Wolf, a little over 1.5 years), I now also have a few baby and kids clothes done. Although, Little Wolf always complains that wool is too itchy (even the softest wool) unless it’s on his feet. But Tiny Wolf loves everything I make and never wants to take it off. Which has resulted in some interesting stains in wooly things…

Why another knitting blog?

Because I need another creative outlet and this could be one for me.

Because this is a way for me to talk about knitting, without having to try and follow very active forums. I find that quite hard given how little time I have now for such things.

Because Knit Nights are hard to pull off with two small children having to eat, wash up and go to sleep and need with all of that.

Because this might help journal my knitting and order my thoughts and give me something to refer back to, should I need it.

Because every now then I come across a really neat pattern, knitting accessory or yarn, or have to do something I haven’t done before, or have to get interesting stains out of wooly things (see above) and I want to share it with people. And the wolves simply aren’t interested.

My current projects

The second stocking of a pair of Lissajous, that is currently waiting for me to have time when I’m actually awake enough to knit something I have to concentrate on. I had to rip back the entire leg part of that stocking because of a glaring mistake right after the cuff. A mistake I only noticed when I was about to start the heel, of course. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fun. (Sorry, no picture yet. Have to wait for it to be less gray to take a decent picture of something knit with dark yarn. So, given the weather here, any time between now and summer…)

Close up of the memory blanket - with bad lighting

Close up of the memory blanket – with bad lighting

My long term project, the memory blanket. But knit with sock yarn leftovers, so I went up to 28 stitches per side of the squares. I’ve been knitting this for about as long as Tiny Wolf is old now. Started it as a nursing brain project I could knit without having to concentrate that would still hold my interest. I could nicely knit this while she was sleeping cuddled up against my chest. And that is the only way the wolf whelps would sleep when they were babies. I always come back to it in between other projects and add a square or four.

Brioche in Montreux with coffee

Brioche in Montreux with coffee

My main project is the Brioche in Montreux Cowl. I’ve wanted to try brioche for a while now and now finally did. It’s not as difficult and doesn’t require as much concentration as I thought it would. A nice, easy thing to do now before I start my next project and try my hand at some steeking…

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